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The Big Bible Story


Jesus showed us the importance of retreating from the noise, crowds and the busy world.

In Mark 1:35, we read about Jesus getting up early in the morning and going to find a place where he could pray alone.

Here at Dodleston CE Primary School, we recognise that helping our children meet with God in silence can be one of the most enduring gifts we give.

Every class as well as the corridors, have reflection areas. This gives the children the opportunity to have time and space to reflect on their own beliefs and values and if they wish to pray. 

Key Stage Two children each have their own reflection journals, which they use to reflect on collective worship, ask and explore Big Questions from philosophy lessons and have space to ponder on things that are pertinent to them. 

EYFS and KS1 children's responses are collected and recorded in a Big Book.



As part of our whole school project on the book 'Love Letters to God', we developed the use of God's Big Story in our Collective Worship and RE lessons.

Each class worked together to design a frieze for our mezzaine which illustrates the different Chrstian concepts in the Bible and in God's Big Story.

The children also created boxes to illustrate the story to use in lessons and at home with their families. 

The whole school really enjoyed this project and have a lasting display of their work to refer to in RE lessons and in collective worship.

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