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Dodleston CofE Primary Collective Worship


Collective worship is the heartbeat of our school

Each week begins with an opening whole school worship on a Monday, which explores the key message. This is then reflected on and returned to each day, through Whole School Singing Praise and Class worships.

At the end of the week in Celebration Worship, those children who have demonstrated the key message/vision/values are identified by our Ethos group and are celebrated.

Every Collective Worship is Inclusive, Invitational and Inspiring.  We provide opportunities for all members of the school community to engage with the teaching of Jesus and enable participants to reflect on spiritual, moral and philosophical issues through our windows, mirrors and doors approach.

We want our Collective Worship to be a reflective time whereby those involved can explore their own beliefs and faiths. We use this time to build and develop a sense of community and family and promote our vision of learning to love ourselves, love each other, love learning, love life; for God is love and our Christian Values. 

We think about those who have shaped British Culture through courageous advocacy and the love of God. We explore how Christians around the world worship in a variety of ways.

During our Collective Worship, we gather, explore, communicate and reflect. We ask our children what they can take from the teachings or reflections from the theme and how they could use it today, tomorrow and in the future.

We plan our themes using the Christian calendar, our Vision and our Christian Values.  We also respond to Global issues to encourage the children to be the change they want to see in the world, ‘the door’ to being Courageous advocates.

We ensure our Collective Worship is Inclusive as pupils bring their own experience to worship. Inclusion requires pupil involvement in planning, leading and the evaluation of worship and our Ethos group support us in this through their weekly meetings.


The door is always open.

All are welcome to come in and sit as near or as far away from the fire as they feel comfortable.

Harvest at St Mary's October - 2023

What a wonderful celebration of harvest!

Rev. Hana led her first Harvest with the children, reflecting on our local farmers, their hard work, being grateful for all our blessings and sharing those blessings. 'We are blessed to bless others'.

The children were delighted to share in the celebration of Harvest and they spoke confidently and clearly as they shared poems, bible verses, songs and prayers reflecting on the blessings we have from God and reminding us to share with those less fortunate.

We were especially impressed with the reception children who took part in their first service at St Mary’s. Well done!

Save the Family were delighted at the huge amount of goods which were so kindly dontated by our School Community, they were very grateful. 

Year 6 Leavers Service- July 2023

The end of a school year is always full of mixed emotions: many whole school celebrations and the reflection of the progress of all our children combined with the sadness of saying goodbye and good luck to our wonderful Year 6 pupils.

We said farewell to our Year 6 pupils with a leavers service in St. Mary's Church. The service opened with prayers from members of Class Three for our Year 6’s. The leavers then read their speeches to reflect on their time at primary school. The service ended with prayers from the Year 6 pupils and a final blessing from Rev. Robin. 

Our Easter Dodleston Dawdle - Easter 2023

To celebrate Easter as a community, children and staff read the Three Trees together. As a whole school community, over 150 children, parents, carers, and family members joined us on our Dodleston Dawdle. During our Dawdle we reflected on each tree from the story, and what their dreams and aspirations were. Children visited three stations and reflected on the message that God has a plan for all of us, but it may not always be what we expected it to be. The day ended with making natural crosses at St Mary's Church. 

Our Easter Garden and Bonnet Parade - Easter 2023

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