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The School Day

All Pupils 
8.45am – Door opens
12.15pm to 1.15pm – Lunchtime
3.30pm – School Ends

Arriving at School
The playground door opens at 8:45 and children (Year 2- Year 6) will enter this way and make their way to their classrooms, where they will be greeted by their classroom staff. 

Reception and Year 1 will go up the ramp and enter through their classroom door.

Both doors and the playground gate will be closed at 9am.

We expect the children to be on time for school. A member of staff is on duty every morning from 8.45am to welcome the children and chat to parents . We can only accept responsibility for your children from this time.

Home time 

At the end of the day the playground gate will be open at 3:25pm where parents/carers can come and wait for the children on the playground.

The children (Year 2 - Year 6) will be brought to the playground to meet parents/carers. We ask that you do not congregate near the exit, so that we can get the children out safely. 

Reception and Year 1 will dismiss from their classroom door. Please wait at the bottom of the ramp. 

All children have a playtime during the morning for 15 minutes. In all but the most inclement weather the children are encouraged to make use of the outside environment and should therefore have a coat available.

During the morning break the children are encouraged to have a healthy snack. Reception and KS1 children are provided with a piece of fruit. KS2 children can either bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable or may by toast from the school kitchen. Under 5’s also receive free school milk.

Reception and KS1 also have an afternoon play time. 

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