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What is our Enrichment Curriculum?

This curriculum is an addition to the statutory curriculum and is designed to give our children a wider understanding of the world.  We live in a small, mainly white British community which is predominately middle class and Christian.  Our aspirations for our pupils are that they will attend further education, travel and be a respectable global citizen.  As they travel through life, they will meet people from other cultures and will be confident and capable of forming positive relationships and contributing towards any environment they encounter.

The Enrichment Curriculum Overview

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Pupil Voice

The start of the Enrichment afternoons have proven to be successful so far. The children are enthused and excited by their learning and staff are really enjoying the sessions too. It is clear that the children are gaining so much in the form of confidence, knowledge, skills and vocabulary during these sessions and they enjoy being taught by a different member of staff too.

Just a few examples of pupil feedback from the Africa sessions:

‘I’m brilliant at drumming’ (Rec)

‘I liked making the oboe. We had to blow into it.’ (Yr.1)

‘My favourite bit was when we built shelters in the forest. I also liked it when we got wet in the rain.’ (Yr.2)

‘I enjoyed doing the dance all about Africa and being very lively. I thought it would be embarrassing performing it in front of school, but it was fun.’ (Yr.4)

‘I miss Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Rich so it was nice to spend time with them.’ (Yr.5)

‘My favourite thing was the Ashanti golden discs from Kenya. It was fun but took 2 days to do and was very complex to me but it did it with a bit of help.’ (Yr.5)

‘A lot of the information I can still remember like Africa has 54 countries in it, it is a continent. Normally I don’t like homework but the homework we did was really fun.’ (Yr.6)

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