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What is Music?

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity.  For many pupils, the music they love will be part of the narrative of their lives and bring colour to the experiences that shape them.  Learning about music is a vital part of a broad and rounded education.  Taught well, music gives pupils the opportunity to make music, think more musically and crucially, become even more musical.

Ofsted “Striking the right note” the Music Subject Report.


Play and Perform

At Dodleston CE Primary the children are given regular opportunities to perform to a high standard both in music lessons and whole school activities.  Highlights of our year are the whole school production and music concert where the progression of musical skills developed through the school are showcased.   In weekly music lessons, the school focuses on learning one instrument in depth – the glockenspiel.  Children also have taster lessons on an orchestral instrument with Edsential and are signposted to further instrumental lessons should they wish to take it further.


Improvise and Compose

Each year, starts with improvisation on untuned percussion teaching the skills of pulse, rhythm, timbre and dynamics.  These skills are then developed further in the Spring Term improvising and playing on glockenspiels adding in the element of pitch.  In the summer term children combine the skills they have learnt in a structured way in a composition project.


Listen with attention to detail – aural skills

Each lesson includes aural music games where children learn to listen and sing back patterns with increasing difficulty and length.  This allows children to build an internal sense of pulse, rhythm and pitch.


Musical notation

Throughout aural skills children are gradually introduced to different forms of notation building to standard stave notation.  Representation of pitch and rhythm are taught discreetly as children improvise to allow them to record the patterns they create and is the reapplied as the children compose.



Musical appreciation and music history

The curriculum has been designed so that the children experience music from a wealth of styles, countries and eras.  Children are taught the language to describe the music that they hear so that they can express how the dimensions of music have been used.

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Medium Term Plan and End Points

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