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English Writing

We believe the study of English develops the children's abilities to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of purposes. It enables them to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. We strive for all our children to learn to communicate meaning through engaging writing activities where they can express their emotions, thoughts and opinions both imaginatively and factually for a variety of audiences.

Our English Writing Curriculum is designed to equip pupils with the key skills of transcription and composition to move them through the writing process towards a final outcome. They will be taught how to plan, revise, draft and review their writing, forming, articulating and communicating ideas and organising them coherently for the reader.

Our English Writing Curriculum is built around units of work that follow a mastery approach to the teaching of writing. Each unit covers a range of areas in the national curriculum:

  • Mastery of vocabulary, grammar and punctuation skills
  • Writing a range of genres across a year
  • Vocabulary development
  • Using a wider range of reading comprehension strategies as a whole class
  • Spoken language activities including drama and presentations
  • Opportunities for practising previously taught genres
  • Producing an extended, independent piece of writing

You will find the overviews for each class in the documents below

Each half term is centred around a high-quality, engaging text. Our texts have been carefully chosen to cover a wide range of themes as well as creating windows (for pupils to see the wider world) and mirrors (for pupils to see themselves). These texts often allow our children to reflect on events from the past, what is happening in the world now, and their own place within it.

Here are just some examples of our texts:

Seal Surfer – observing the beauty of a British coastline alongside watching a young boy overcome his disability and learning to surf

Grandad’s Secret Giant – seeing how kindness and friendship can bring a community together despite their differences

Coming to England by Floella Benjamin – a true story with a powerful message: that courage and determination can always overcome adversity.

Race to the Frozen North – the story of Matthew Henson who defied the odds and the many prejudices that faced him to become a true pioneer.

Wisp - a powerful and uplifting picture book telling the story of a young refugee, born into a world of tents and fences, who discovers hope and the promise of someday.

Everest: The Remarkable Story of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay – a  story of how two very different, yet equally determined, men battled frost-biting temperatures, tumbling ice rocks, powerful winds, and death-defying ridges to reach the top of the world's highest mountain.

Leaf- a story about kindness, and a positive message about the importance of accepting and welcoming everyone as well as raising the important issue of global warming and the role we have.

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