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Our Vision


Dodleston Church of England Controlled Primary is a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant Christian school.  We believe in nurturing talents, widening horizons and in creating aspirations.  Our vision is that our children leave the school with the confidence and skills to embrace new experiences.

W alking together in faith to:

E ncourage

C ompassion

A chievement

R espect

E njoyment

A school where individuals are valued and children are well taught, well behaved, well mannered and happy.

Our aim:

To create a warm, caring secure environment, based on Christian principles, where children can develop and grow intellectually, spiritually and emotionally, increasing confidence towards independence and fulfilment.

We seek to pursue our vision and aim through raising standards and improving learning.
To achieve this, our objectives are to:

  • Promote high standards of teaching and learning in an exciting and stimulating environment.
  • Provide opportunity for excellence and enjoyment through a rich and varied curriculum.
  • Enrich each child's experience of learning for life through events and activities.
  • Provide a well managed, safe and secure environment.
  • Develop an inclusive school promoting Christian principles where individuals are valued irrespective of race, religion, gender or ability.
  • Create a positive and supportive environment where children are well behaved and develop an understanding of discipline.
  • Create a positive ethos in a caring and friendly environment where children are well mannered and develop tolerance, respect, compassion and consideration for others.
  • Encourage all children to make a positive contribution to the village community through involvement in events and initiatives.
  • Establish an environment where individuals work together in leadership, partnership and friendship to create a good school.
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